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By Joe Griffin

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The authors advisor the reader via their method of emotional overall healthiness and schooling, sincerely explaining a physique of mental wisdom won via a long time of analysis into neurophysiology, psychology and behavior.

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As I continued to collect and study my own and other people's dreams over the next nine months, 1 became convinced that dreams were representations of the most emotionally arousing experiences of the previous waking period. What's more, these experiences were always expressed in symbolic or metaphorical imagery. "I recorded any dream, however insignificant it seemed, and was struck to notice that still all the dream elements were metaphorical. ) I found that no one except the dreamer ever 'played' themselves in any ordinary way.

Yet, although I recorded five dreams that night, and my worries about the success of the experiment featured symbolically in a few of them, none contained anything that could be related to the row. It was while puzzling over this that the missing piece of the jigsaw suddenly fell into place: during the row with my wife I had fully expressed my anger, therefore completing the pattern of arousal, whereas my ongoing worries about the experiment were not discharged. What becomes the subject of dreams, I suddenly realised, is not any emotionally arousing events but unexpressed emotionally arousing concerns from the previous day that had not completed the arousal/discharge cycle.

In this dream, it seems clear that Terry Wogan (whom Michael had recently seen in person) stands for an aspect of Michael himself - the public image he thinks other people have of him: a witty and intelligent Irishman. People in the dream assume he has made a joke but in fact he is laughing at his own embarrassment. Even the urination is an interesting metaphor for his tension ('pissing' himself) and the uncontrollable need to laugh ('pissing himself' laughing). The wall dividing the altar from the congregation represents the barrier between his hidden self - the part that is anxious and embarrassed in company and his public self, whom people see laughing.

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